There’s not much that would entice the average tourist to Rwanda.

There are the ‘Gorillas de Montagnes’.

As we draw into the city from the airport there is a circle of crudely carved metal structures that announces their importance. Mostly the overriding impression from my approach is of their rear ends. They are positioned in a circle facing the seat of government, the  ‘Pentagon’ , (as it is referred to by the locals) . The gorillas look they are about ready to ward off the  invasive ‘Muzungus’, the foreigners.   Damascene, our FXB host , is a dark skinned, large man with an infectious full bellied laugh. He takes us to the Iris Guesthouse situated in a leafy, affluent looking suburb of Kigali It reminds me of Johannesburg – red roofs, high walls, security guards, bright green manicured lawns adjacent to the smooth road we travel on in our big four wheel drive, so necessary for the many dirt roads we will travel on later. The guesthouse has welcoming staff and the atmosphere is warm and homely. The travelers appear to be mainly American (hence the Pentagon reference and Voice of America on the radio) either visiting the reconciliation educational programmes related to Rwanda’s dark Genocide history or missionaries come to spread God’s love. Continue reading

Arriving Kampala


What an irony to have watched the Wolf of Wall Street on a plane taking me to Uganda , a landlocked country whose motto is For God and Country, it’s anthem Oh Uganda, Land of beauty.
Uganda is considered one of the poorest countries in the world even though it has fertile soil, healthy rainfalls – makes good coffee, exports fish from the large Lake Victoria and has mineral  and untapped copper, gas and crude oil reserves. Continue reading

Departure looming large

So the bags are almost packed…there was a last minute worry about undelivered nano stands i.e lightweight stands for the lighting and so for a lightning skip and a hop or you could say more of a scramble to the Flash Centre which seems to be the only store in town that had said items as well as the rugged one terabyte Hard drive necessary for instant backup. Petty boring stuff but so necessary for smooth sailing. Continue reading