Departure looming large

So the bags are almost packed…there was a last minute worry about undelivered nano stands i.e lightweight stands for the lighting and so for a lightning skip and a hop or you could say more of a scramble to the Flash Centre which seems to be the only store in town that had said items as well as the rugged one terabyte Hard drive necessary for instant backup. Petty boring stuff but so necessary for smooth sailing. Pierre, my assistant, arrived today for the final pack. He is so organised – it seems he has brought everything but the kitchen sink – every handy, travel light piece of kit, he has bags for shirts, bags for trousers, bags for underpants, bags for mozzie nets, bags for first aid equipment, bags for wires, bags for toiletries….I have lost count. It’s bags within bags. He is a seasoned long distance cyclist and spent last summer cycling from Vancouver to San Diego, and before that Lands End to John O’Groats. I am relying on him to keep  my usual chaos at bay. Last November I travelled to Zambia –  my travel bag contained a fine assortment of batteries, bra’s, tripods, film, dresses, knickers, mozzie repellent, reflectors and trousers. I usually ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ when it comes to this kind of travel. This time I seem to be going in with all guns blazing…enough Deet to toxify the whole Rwanda, extensive anti bacterials, and enough medication to be classed as a mobile hospital.

Roman Skyva my website guy

Roman Skyva my website guy pictured here looking bemused… kindly came over pre the journey to give me a blogging tutorial – sadly the iPad mini just does not cut the mustard where on the road blogging is concerned..what a disappointment.

Africal landscape in a rear view mirror

I was looking for images that depicted being ‘on the road’ and I found this image from some earlier work, and I thought about how a car mirror is so symbolic of the road and car journeys and the romanticism attached to the ethos of four wheeled adventures.


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